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Protecting Your Site Against Hackers

Getting hacked sucks; It is expensive to remedy, can negatively impact on your brand and it costs precious traffic and revenue. Unless you have not read the news in the past year, it’s clear that cyber attacks are no longer a rare occurrence but the new reality that we all face. This paradigm shift can… Read more »

What is Version Control?

Version control is a software system that allows users to track changes to a file within a project. It stores every change that is made, and keeps a record of the file from before it was updated. This allows the project, or any file within it, to be rolled back to a previous version. The… Read more »

Which Mobile Option is Best for You?

The surge of mobile usage on websites to 50% has caused many website owners to take a serious look at their mobile strategy. Central to this strategy is understanding how to present your content and online catalog for mobile users. Terms like mobile optimized and responsive design are buzzwords that are often misconstrued. When thinking… Read more »

When Not to Use the Viewport Meta Tag

The viewport meta tag remains a mystery to most. However, it’s really quite simple. Back before smartphones were the norm, sites were built around 1000px. The 1000px width was a safe bet for designers and offered a consistent presentation for most screen sizes. Enter the mobile boom, and the 1000px standard gets thrown out the… Read more »

Google Kills Off Google Checkout

Google announced today that as of November 20th, Google Checkout will be closing its doors forever. Thankfully Google is giving merchants who rely on this service six months to find a replacement. The promotion of Google Wallet comes as little surprise. I have watched over the past 12 months as Google has gravitated towards mobile… Read more »

Flint Digital’s Real Estate Engine 2.0

Flint Digital is proud to announce the 2.0 round of our comprehensive Real Estate Engine digital marketing tool for realtors. The Flint Digital Real Estate Engine 2.0  is a comprehensive tool for pulling Real Estate MLS Data from one or several MLS database sources, and displaying it to real estate consumers in a fashion that… Read more »

Google Shopping and You

As usual, Google is keeping us on our toes with yet another change to their products just in time for the holiday shopping season. Google said in a blog post earlier this year that as of “October 17, Google Shopping results in the US will come only from merchants who are Product Listing Ads advertisers.”… Read more »

Installing wget on a Mac.

I like to use terminal on my Mac. It can be much faster and sometimes I like the soothing green glow of the Homebrew theme. It takes me back to the days when my prized possession was an Apple IIc, a computer that was cool because it was a tremendous upgrade from my TRS-80… and it… Read more »