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DIY Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk Design

The adverse effects of sitting have been well-documented in recent years. And those of us who work behind a computer, are especially prone to such health-risks caused from a sedentary work environment. Attention to the ill-effects of sitting and bad workplace ergonomics have given rise to the standing desk concept for the health-conscious office worker…. Read more »

Healthy Habits For Desk Dwellers: Wake Up Early

Being a designer here at Flint Digital is my first real full-time job, and it’s been a fantastic experience. However, adjusting to a regular 9-5 schedule has taken considerable effort. For the first few months, my typical Monday morning involved sleeping through all my alarms and waking up in a panic with only 20 minutes… Read more »

Winter Arrives in Utah

This past weekend marked the second major snowstorm to hit Utah for the 12/13 season. With more resorts spinning their lifts, it’s a safe bet that fall is officially behind us and winter is here to stay. Needless to say, the good people over at Ski Utah were chomping at the bit to get their… Read more »

Powder Huntin’

While most will agree that the snow season so far has been a wash, there have been some good turns to be had. Last Friday we had a nice little system move in and dump close to 2 feet of Utah’s finest up in the hills. So of course we did what any self-respecting ski-bums… Read more »