It’s no secret that mobile internet use has been on the rise and it’s safe to say that the tipping point has been reached. In 2015, it is estimated that 80% of all internet users will be using a smartphone to access the web on a regular basis. This translates into billions of users who could be viewing your site on a mobile device.

The good news is that if you’ve addressed mobile compatibility concerns with a mobile-first approach, you can sleep well tonight knowing your site is optimized to industry-standards and accessible across devices. Otherwise, you may want to read on.

Google has long been a champion of mobile (see the mobile playbook) and has encouraged mobile adoption through best-practices and web-standards. Recently, we’ve had direct communication from Google through Webmaster Tools that site compatibility will begin to affect mobile search rankings. While this is by no means a surprise, it’s rare that Google reveals it’s intentions directly to site owners and points to the fact that they mean business. Simply put, not abiding could have drastic effects on your online presence.

Not only has Google began to inform site-owners of their intentions, but evidence shows that they have already begun to turn up the heat on non-mobile friendly sites by providing higher placement and search rankings to sites that display well on small-screens and mobile devices. Take a look at David Naylor’s article on Google’s new algorithm that offers some convincing anecdotal evidence.

However, don’t panic, yet. We’re still on the front-side of this update and believe that there is time to implement a well-planned mobile strategy without experiencing any detriment to your business. There are a number of solutions we provide for taking a mobile-first approach to your online presence, and we’d be happy to discuss which course of action would be best for you. Nevertheless, time is of the essence as there is no doubt that these changes will become paramount in terms of your SEO strategy as well as user-experience and conversion.

Wait too much longer, however, and you may begin to feel the pain.

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