Measure, Rinse, & Repeat

This is the fifth and final part of our series on leveraging sharing for your business. If you haven’t already, read parts one, two, three, and four before continuing.

Part 5: Analyzing Your Content Efforts

There’s a saying that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it, and social media is no exception. Utilizing an available metrics tool can help provide insight into what is generating results. If something isn’t working, try saying it differently or approaching from another angle. As we saw in the example from Upworthy, sometimes simply tweaking the headline can make a difference in millions of views.

Content Questionnaire

Not seeing the results you anticipated? Make sure and run through the following questions when creating, curating, and sharing content. If your content is falling short, reframe it keeping the following principles in mind.

1. Engagement Factor

  1. What makes the source respected or valued?
  2. How is it unique?
  3. What opinion or point-of-view is offered?
  4. Does it make you laugh, cry, or angry?
  5. Have you written at least 10 potential headlines?

2. Packaging

The Headline

  1. What is the curiosity gap?
  2. How is it user-focused?
  3. Does it address a user pain?
  4. Is it PG-13?

The Image

  1. Can you present the image as a dichotomy?
  2. Can you annotate the image?
  3. If the link contains a video, is there a play icon or screenshot?
  4. Is it PG-13?
  5. Is it provocative?

3. Distribution

  1. How is the piece framed for a specific channel or audience? (Twitter vs Facebook)
  2. How Is it optimized for sharing?
  3. How are you asking or incentivizing people to share?
  4. Are you abiding by the 4-1 rule?

4. Post-Share Checklist

  1. Did people respond to your post? If so, how did you acknowledge or continue the conversation?
  2. What metrics are in place to measure the success of the post?
  3. Have you tested with a different headline or image?

Additional Reading & Resources