Data Integration

Application Development

Responsive Design

Project Overview

Peoples Mortgage employs over 200 loan officers and lends in 13 states; their established in-house processing and dedicated underwriting and closing teams help to maintain an unprecedented level of service for their clients. In addition to a responsive site and custom integration with Bazaarvoice reviews and ratings software, we built a mobile web app that allows buyers to search for property by location as well connect with a loan officer to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Responsive Design

It’s safe to say that the days of designing for one screen size are over; your users are going to be visiting the site from a variety of devices and screen sizes. If your site isn’t tailored to the screen size that your user is on, then you are serving less than an optimal experience and most likely losing customers. Peoples understood the need to present their content in a device-agnostic friendly manner that keeps their site looking good and usable across a range of screen sizes.

MyAgentAssist Mobile Web App

Part of what makes Peoples an industry leader is their ability to innovate. The MyAgentAssist web app is a perfect example of such innovation. Web apps, as opposed to native apps, are responsive websites that take a mobile-first approach and present the user with an “app-like” experience without the extra step of downloading a third-party application. Peoples wanted to develop a sales app that they could license to their top performing realtors for a monthly fee, that would give agents the ability to deploy customized microsites through a user-friendly backend, allow their buyers to easily browse and search for property listings, connect with a buying agent, and start the loan pre-approval process. Needless to say, the web app has been a huge hit and one of Peoples top sales tools.