eCommerce Integration

Responsive Design

Custom Reporting

Project Overview

RAMP Sports is a local ski manufacturing company who sells their skis direct to the customer. As such, they needed a top-notch e-commerce site that captured their grass-roots brand values and unique approach to ski manufacturing and technology. In addition to rebuilding their online store from the ground up, we've assisted RAMP in their ongoing digital marketing efforts as well as have equipped them with a custom reporting platform for them to derive detailed analytics and metrics across their marketing and sales channels.

User-Friendly E-Commerce Design

A successful page not only looks great, but also offers a seamless experience for the consumer allowing them to quickly browse for important product details and specifications. Here’s how we optimized the product page to make it effortless for the user to make a decision and complete their purchase:

1. Prominent Product Display

One aspect that makes RAMP unique to the industry is their solid bamboo core skis and snowboards. The bamboo not only plays a large role in the function of the ski, but creates a visual aesthetic distinct to RAMP that we wanted to showcase on the product page.

2. E-Commerce Elements Within Page Fold

User-behavior studies have shown that stores who keep their transactional elements (product options, cart buttons, etc.) higher on the page have stronger conversion rates. Additionally, placing credit card icons in plain view is shown to reaffirm the user’s trust in the security of the site.

3. Iconic Ski Attributes

We created icons for various ski attributes that present custom ski features in a visual manner. Using icons instead of text allows shoppers to easily scan for the desired ski features that will help inform their purchasing decision.

4. Easy-to-Read Ski Spec Table

Skis have a lot of specifications, from tip-waist-tail measurements to length and shape profiles. On many manufacturers, this info is buried in the content even though it’s a critical piece of information. We wanted to ensure shoppers could easily identify the right size for them so we consciously included this information in an easy-to-read table high on the page.

Responsive E-Commerce Design

It’s no secret that mobile is the future of the web. By taking a mobile-first approach to the design and build of the site, we’ve ensured that people browsing on their phone or tablet still receive a great experience tailored to their screen size. No more pinching and zooming to find an underfoot ski measurement buried in the product description.

Analytics & Metrics


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We abide by the adage that if you can’t measure it, it can’t be approved, which is why we’re big proponents of data. In addition to analyzing current trends and metrics, we developed an analytical toolset tailored to RAMP’s reporting needs.