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Project Overview

Tailwaters Fly Fishing offers a huge selection of clothing and gear, and they book trips to some of the best and most remote fly fishing destinations on the planet. As one of the biggest retail fly shops in Texas, their challenge was in taking their brick & mortar reputation and experience to the web. We helped Tailwaters design and deploy a rock-solid e-commerce platform while overcoming complex inventory and logistical challenges.

User-Friendly E-Commerce Design

A successful page not only looks great, but also offers a seamless experience for the consumer. We provided a UX optimized for e-commerce that allows the user to effortlessly navigate complex product and category structures and complete their purchase in as few steps as possible.

How We Optimized the Tailwaters UX for Conversion

1. Logical Category Taxonomy

While it may seem obvious, having a cluttered or mis-managed category structure can greatly impede a user’s ability to quickly find what they’re looking for. By creating order and hierarchy through a strict and logical taxonomy, we greatly enhanced the experience and in turn increased overall conversion on the site by 2.75 times.

2. Related Products

With such a vast inventory, users land on the site through a number of different entry pages. By providing suggested products based on past user-behavior and analytics, we’ve increased the sales potential for any given product which has helped boost overall revenue on the site by 223%.

3. Custom Back-End Size Chart Interface

Perhaps one of the biggest pain points online retailers face is customer returns. Not only did you lose a sale, but you are also faced with costs associated with restocking the item. An excellent preventive measure sellers can take is populating the product page with accurate fitment data. Having a size chart that is easy to populate by the seller, as well as easy to find and use on the customer’s end, is key to eliminating unnecessary returns.

4. E-Commerce Elements High on Product Page

User-behavior studies have shown that stores who keep their transactional elements (product options, cart buttons, etc.) higher on the page have stronger conversion rates. Additionally, placing credit card icons in plain view is shown to reaffirm the user’s trust in the security of the site.

Still Not Convinced?


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While it all may sound like a bunch of fancy talk and industry jargon, the proof is in the numbers. We’ve built our reputation on the fact that we drive sales for our customers. Plain and simple… the data don’t lie.